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https secure websiteWith the Christmas season in full swing, we wish you a safe and merry Christmas. With all the online shopping that many do during this time of the year there is unfortunately a lot of people that get scammed or have their information stolen. We would like to give you some tips to stay safe while shopping online.

  1. Never give your credit card to a website that you do not know to be a reputable company. Even when you do give your credit card to a reputable company, make sure that the website is secure with a signed certificate. Here are some examples of what you should see in the address bar of your browser:

    https amazonhttps kohls

    You will notice the green padlock on the left of the URL and the URL that we expect to see. Many sites will not switch to the secure page until you click on checkout or login to the site. This is ok. On sites that are not secure, use PayPal if they have that option. This will redirect your checkout to the PayPal website for payment (more on PayPal later)
  2. Avoid using your Bank debit card. Although most banks will help you detest and reclaim your money if your card is compromised the money is not in your bank while you go through the process. When you use an actual credit card the money never actually leaves your pocket until you pay the credit card bill.
  3. PayPal. The reason I suggest PayPal is it is a very secure and reputable middle man for your payments. You don’t have to have a PayPal account when checking out using it, however I suggest you do. Having an actual account help if you need to return or get credit for non-delivery of a product.
  4. Use a secure password when setting up online accounts. (see this blogpost for more tips on secure passwords)
  5. Make sure your computer has a good antivirus and always avoid opening attachments or clicking on URL if you are not sure they are from a person you trust. Keeping your system free of viruses is key to staying safe online.

We hope these simple tips will help you to enjoy this season safely.
From all of us at Click Computers we wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year!!