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This tip comes from a conversation with my brother Ben Bradshaw, currently serving in the AirForce in Cyber Security. Let's face it, we hate passwords. It is overwhelming to meet the complexity requirements and having to change them often. Another thing many security experts suggest is that you never have the same password for more than one site. So with that in mind we just added another level of complexity that is very hard to manage. Well perhaps not. What Ben suggested is that you have a complex password, then just "Salt" it with something unique to the site that you are logging into.

EXAMPLE: lets say your password is Politics$uck35, now that is pretty easy for most of us to remember. For facebook you do something like Politics$uckface35 and gmail would be Politics$uckgmai35 I am just putting 4 leters from the website name. you can do something more secure like for facebook: Politics$uckce35. There I put 3rd and 4th letters of the name facebook between the end of $uck and 35. To make it even more secure, put the "salt" in the middle of one of the words like for Facebook: Polfaceitics$uck35, I put the word "face" after the 3rd letter in the first word.

Whatever you decide to do, be consistant, then you will have a formula to remember your password. I hope this helps you all stay secure and sane :)-Doug